Application of dynamic airflows in buildings and its effects on perceived thermal comfort

Luo, M., Yu, J., Ouyang, Q., Cao, B., & Zhu, Y. , Indoor and Built Environment ,27(9)(2018), 1162-1174

In this paper we explore the performance of a newly developed air conditioner which can produce different airflow modes such as dynamically changed Simulated Natural Wind (SNW) and Constant Mechanical Wind (CMW). Climate chamber experiments were conducted to study the demand for air movement and to compare the effects of SNW and CMW on human subjects’ thermal comfort perception in warm environment. The results indicate that it was possible for subjects to remain comfortable at 28°C and 30°C with a suitable air velocity range of 0.4~0.6m/s and 0.7~0.9m/s, respectively. Compared with CMW, SNW produced stronger cooling effect and induced better perceived thermal comfort voting from human subjects. Over 60% of these subjects preferred SNW to CMW. These experimental findings would serve as a reference for the design of more energy saving space conditioning systems in warm climates.

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